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Brandur and the Faroe Islands

Eleven years ago I met Brandur from the Faroe Islands. I for one had never heard of the Faroe Islands ever before. It turned out to be this small accumultion of 18 islands in the north atlantic,

Iceland Pre-Wedding Shoot

This is Connie and Ray from Hong Kong. In september I joined them on their adventurous roadtrip through Iceland, shooting some pre wedding photos along the way. Having never before met and then

Two lionhearts amongst giants – Lofoten/Norway

“Life is too short to fly everywhere and miss everything…”   In January 2015 Sophie and I took the Arctic Circle train to Narvik, the last stop on the Swedish north

Iceland and the filming of Falcon Fly

Another new adventure of Markus and me. We wanted to see Iceland. A photographers paradise like many call it. I’d always envisioned it to be this mysic cold place, with stormy grey weather and

Fishing in Kurkkio

Since my “adventure” category is still missing some of my favorite stories, I thought I’d go back in time and post something I haven’t touched in years. Looking through

Tromsø, northern Norway.

“To move, to breath, to fly, to float. To gain all while you give. To roam the roads of lands remote.” Four days in Tromsö, northern Norway. Feels like we filled those days with


The best moments are those shared. Most of my friends aren’t into the outdoor life. I think most of them will have a grin on their face reading this, because I’ve probably asked them more

Northern Norway

It’s been about a month ago now since my trip to Norway. Actually it was my very first time there. I’ve allways wanted to go. Anywhere with mountains, is where I want to go. I knew

Chaising the foggyman

The fog was playing catch with me today. Never knew it could appear and dissapear that quick. Well.. it can. So anyways, instead of fog, we got a glimpse of the sun and some photos from a little

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