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Iceland Pre-Wedding Shoot

This is Connie and Ray from Hong Kong. In september I joined them on their adventurous roadtrip through Iceland, shooting some pre wedding photos along the way. Having never before met and then

Kendra & Rob – St Barth (Caribbean)

December. Winter was setting in in Sweden, as I sat on the plane to other side of the world to meet Kendra and Rob. A New Yorker couple, that was getting married in St Barth, in the West

Albin & Elin – Jädraås

Albin & Elin, two with the kindest souls. I’ve known them for a few years. I met Albin when I lived in Gävle, since he is a photographer too. It is a bit more nervously, shooting another

Harry & Maria – Germany

I met Harry about 12 years ago, randomly when he asked me and my friend for directions. We started talking, hung out and Harry came back to visit me a few times when he was in Sweden. Later in 2009,

Madde & Magnus – Öregrund

I met Madde and Magnus at Midsummer 2014, on a tiny island in Stockholm. One year later I was invited to their wedding in Öregrund, to capture their big day. With me, was photographer Peter

Jeanette & Nils -Höga Kusten

Jeanette and I met a few years ago when I did a musicvideo (one of my absolute first ones) for her brother Tommy. A lot had happened over the years, I moved to Stockholm, so did she, I moved

Mikaela & Niklas, Tyresö

Another one of this summers weddings. This time I spend a day with Mikaela and Niklas… The couple with the smile and charisma, that can light up a room! It was a beautiful wedding in Tyresö,

Marit & Hans Richard – Bolsena Wedding (Italy)

When I came back from Tromsö in december of last year, I came back not just with memories and photographs of four magical days under the northern lights, but also with an invatation to shoot

Henrik & Jenny

On november 8th, when the first snow had just melted, Henrik and Jenny got married. It was around zero degrees and with them slipping in and out of their coats, I shot my first winter wedding. We

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