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Who is Jana Julian?

       This is Me. Jana, the worlds most international Swedish German.me2
I love to be outside, wandering through the 
woods with my dog Luna. Coffee in morning is
one of my favorite times of the day, but even 
better is brewing a cup over fire or while 
fishing. Mountains are my favorite countrysight 
and I'd love to call them home one day. 

I am constantly in search of my next adventure, 
be it locally or further afield. My head is 
full of ideas, my heart full of dreams and 
my camera always there to capture it all.
My inquisitive and romantic nature are what push 
me to express myself. When words 
have not been enough, photographs and videos 
have told the stories. As I've spent my life 
moving a lot, home has always been a mosaic 
to me. I find it in the people and places that 
inspire, shape and keep me strong. Still, 
traveling makes me happy. I'd love to see 
whatever country, city, town, village or 
wood you live in. I'd be happy to come on 
international photo assignments.

As for my photography, I like to keep it 
natural. Often those photographs that happen 
spontaneously in the moment are be the best. 
Usually everything falls into place on the 
scene and when I meet you. It's a feeling rather 
than technices that make a good photograph.
I am passionate about what I do and challenge 
myself in my work as in life.
I n s t a g r a m